Our History

Mission Statement

Reposition opportunity properties in key urban locations by utilizing strategic initiatives, designed to add value to both the target property as well as the surrounding neighbourhood.

Corporation Focus

The corporation’s main focus is to identify quality under-valued assets, develop a detailed plan to add value to the asset, acquire at targeted prices as part of a Pro forma, implement improvements according to plan and manage the property’s resources so that every identified opportunity is initiated to ensure the delivery of higher yields and increases asset value.


Real Estate Dynamics Inc was created as a real estate holdings company in Hamilton, Ontario in 2017. A brother and sister, along with their spouses decided to form a real estate company that would enable their friends and family to participate in a business venture that would employ their collective talents and resources to create wealth for all shareholders.

Shareholder Characteristics

Our shareholders recognize that while real estate investing has the potential to create wealth, it can equally create financial hardship without proper analysis and a well thought out investment strategy.

Investors who are considered for the venture are expected to have a basic understanding of the pros and cons of real estate investment; this is critical so as to ensure that the consensus of action and corporate direction remain unified for the most part. A Board acting in solidarity will increase the odds of success and ensure that the Board of Directors share the same strategic vision for the corporation regardless of the investment climate.

To be successful in a competitive real estate market, the corporation must continually pursue opportunities, adopt an analytical approach to investments, and maintain a diligent attitude as Landlords. Shareholders understand that add-value real estate, like many other quality investment vehicles, requires patience to realize an optimal return on investment.

Business Strategy

Acquisition targets are measured against the company’s specific investment criteria, which include:

  • Location – Both the town and the municipal address are a critical element
  • Asset Characteristics
  • Value-Add Proposition
  • Return on Asset Investment Short and Long Term returns
  • Relationship Banking that allows for excellent Credit Facilities – Mortgages, Loans, Credit Cards

Targeted investment assets – properties, will primarily be located in the Geographical Triangle of Oakville – Ancaster – Beamsville, and includes Burlington, Hamilton, Dundas, and Grimsby. The “Triangle” represents markets with existing underrated opportunities in properties with increased residential revenue potential. These assets may require significant financial investment (5-10% of acquisition costs) for physical or aesthetic improvements, designed to facilitate operations or improve aesthetics. The corporation will only proceed if these selected improvements can be identified as initiatives designed to facilitate the corporation meeting its Strategic Pro form a Benchmark Targets. The majority of significant capital investment is expected to be performed within the first five years of the property’s acquisition, and are expected to increase the yield within the following five years.